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PLEASE read here before emailing us your inquiries. Your question is must likely already answered in here!
(If so please know that answering other issues, not mentioned here, will take priority over already answered questions)

A. Enrolling, Registering or Paying

B. Account, Logging in, Password, etc.

C. Sponsor and downlines

D. Payouts

E. Site and Commision Structure

F. Special Offers

G. General


A- Enrolling, Registering or Paying :

A.1. I registered earlier and came back later to finish payment but when I tried again it says "user name, password or e-mail are already in use". What happened?
What happened is that you are trying to register again using the user name you entered before, and that is why it is giving you that message.

Just refresh the page (by closing the page and the site and then go to it again) or hit F5. Go to the site again and click on Members Login, enter your already registered username and password and that should get you to the payment page. If that does not work let us know by sending us a ticket, the system will automatically enter your user name into the email, which we'll need, we'll check on that for you .

A.2. Do I need to have a SolidTrust Pay or Payza account in order to pay with my credit card?
* With SolidTrust Pay you do NOT need to open a free account with them in order to pay. 

* With Payza, you do though. BUT make sure you get a PERSONAL account which happens instantly.
(Do NOT get a business account -this takes a lot of paper work and weeks to verify!)

A.3. I am trying to pay but Payza says there is a "button error" and to contact you.
If it says that there is 'button error" we can assure the problem is NOT from our side. 

The problem is caused by the fact that some form of advertisers use frames. (We do NOT use frames).  If the MyMoneyFish site is being displayed inside of a frame, for example: inside www.advertisehereforlife/link/15523,  Payza won't process the payment due to a rising number of online phishing and identity theft scams on the internet, so in order to reduce this threat from happening, it has removed the ability of their buttons to be used from within a frame.

Therefore, if you are a new prospect and want to join under that sponsor contact him and ask him for his own MyMoneyFish url or if you are the one using this method of advertising and do not want to lose new members, we suggest to find another method of advertising that does not use frames.

A.4. Why do SolidTrust Pay or Payza NOT accept my card? It says there are insufficient funds, and I know that there is plenty of money there, help!
We apologize for the challenge you are facing, the issue is with the Payment Processor. They usually have strict measurements to prevent fraud. These could be reasons:

* They do not work with your State or Country (Please see answer to next question: what countries and States are accepted by these Payment Processing Companies).

* Things like addresses that do not match the one paired with your credit card could also be a reason for declining your payment.

* Your Bank might have a block for International transactions with some countries (Both of these Payment Processors are offshore, UK and Canada)

* If none of these apply to you, and you know you have money in your card, and know that they accept doing business with your State or Country (See following answer) then send a ticket to them. Or if it is Payza you can chat with them directly.

A.5. What Countries and/or States Payza or SolidTrust Pay DO NOT allow?
SolidTrust Pay cannot provide services to these States in the USA:

* North Dakota
* Texas
* Virgina

SolidTrust Pay does NOT accept payments from these countries:
Central African Republic
Ivory Coast
Democratic Republic of the Congo
East Timor
Equatorial Guinea
North Korea

Payza cannot provide services to these States in the USA:
* California
* Massachusetts
* New Hampshire
* New York

Payza does NOT accept payments from these countries:
Central African Republic
Ivory Coast
Democratic Republic of the Congo
East Timor
Equatorial Guinea
North Korea


A.6. Help! when I try to enter the Country (or State) in the SolidTrust Pay application the page disappears and/or it does not let proceed!
This seems to be some sort of protective measure that happens occasionally with this Payment Processor. This is what they have told us to do:

"Please ensure your members are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best results. Please also advise they select their Country field before entering the State/ Province. Your users may clear their cache, cookies, browsing history and auto fill and re-attempt their transaction."

Please keep in mind that you can also try paying via Payza, then open a free PERSONAL account with them , which happens instantly, and then you can pay."

A.7. Is there another way of paying, I am having trouble with these existing payment processors. How about PayPal?
We apologize for the challenge you might be facing, some of these payment processors seem to be very strict in order to avoid fraud, and things like addresses that do not match the one paired with your credit card can be a reason for declining your payment.

We decided against Pay Pal because they are not multi-level marketing friendly.

A.8. I know I have paid but it shows that my membership as unpaid/not activated. It is still pending (or it shows error 404 when I try to go to my site) why?
You should have received a verification INSTANTLY, along with your welcome email and your own URL. If you paid but still shows pending:

* Apparently the Payment Processor had a glitch at that moment and failed to send the instant data back to our system (in which case you might have not received a confirmation letter from us either)


* Your payment didn't go through. The paid status happens automatically when the payment is verified by the Payment Processing Company. If that is not showing it is possible that the Payment Company's system has not verified your payment to our system for some reason, which should happen instantly.

When payment is verified you receive an immediate verification from them with your transaction number to prove that, along with your welcome email and your own URL. It is all programmed into the system to happen instantly for you!

Please know that WE do not handle your money or CC, only the Payment Processing Company does if payment does not go through we have no way of knowing that your order was placed and your payment was not received yet. (they will let you know via a confirmation email and transaction number when your payment goes through) .

If you did get your transaction or reference number issued by the Payment Processor as a proof of your payment, we need you to send us that information, it could mean that their software might have encountered a temporary glitch and failed to send the verification to our system. Only with the transaction or reference number they can verify your payment after we are notified of this error.

A.9. How do I know my payment went through?
You know that your payment did go through because Payza or SolidTrust Pay will have issued you an instant receipt with a REFERENCE or Transaction number. 

In addition, you'll receive a Welcome email from us with your own URL/site

A.10. I think I was double charged
Please make sure of that by checking the records with your credit card company. The Payment Processing Company could accidentally and automatically issue two receipts, but it does not mean that you have been overcharged. Also, if you tried to enter you payment more than once, due to trouble enrolling or paying, that does not necessarily mean you were charged twice either.

Again, first check for your online receipt from the payment processor and check if the transaction went through and if you were issued a Reference or Transaction number. Also, check with your CC records if indeed there was an accidental second charge.

If it did happen we trust that you do understand that we have no dealings with your card at all, but only the processor, just let us know and we'll certainly check our records and refund the second payment immediately.

A.11. Can I pay with Bitcoin?
Yes, through Payza, but you must have a free PERSONAL Payza account to do so.

A.12. When do I get a confirmation of my payment/entry?
Confirmation of your payment comes up immediately after payment. You will also get an email with the confirmation and your url (your website address). If this does not happen then may be you card was declined, or you didn't follow the process correctly.

A. 13.  I have registered under somebody else yet I have not paid, and I want to upgrade now (pay) and join under another sponsor.
If you have not paid yet you can just open a new account under the person you want to be under. But you must use a new username and a different email address. We'll delete the old one once you come in under a new paid account.

A.14. Can I signup my spouse?
Yes, you can as long as you use a different email and a different user name. Be careful about stacking too many positions, it could lead to failure of your Structure if you are not going to make sure you get your both positions active (first level filled in both. One position could be so dormant that it could be stealing from you and the opportunity of increased earnings.) Although stacking can lead to very good money, it is usually active heavy hitters that know how to do this successfully.

A.15. I registered a while back and want to upgrade and complete payment, how do I do that?
In order to complete payment enter your chosen user and pass, when you initially registered, in the login area (members).

If you have problems logging in, refresh or hit F5 and make sure you don't have the caps on -if your password was not initially registered in caps- , or if you have a zero or an "o" that you are entering the correct one, or if you are copying and pasting you might be catching an empty space, and last but not least that you are entering no more than 12 characters for your password.

A.16. Can I register for free and pay later?
Yes, registration is free, but please be aware that you won't be considered a Real Insider member till you have upgraded to pay member. With Registration completed, you can look around, but you cannot download products nor cash-in.

Also, after 10 days without upgrading, your entry and position will be purged out of the system.

Although you can reserve your position for up to 10 days, you CANNOT benefit from becoming one of our TOP 100 nor receive their bonuses. Sorry, but this privilege is only for immediate paying members.

B. Account, Logging in, Password, etc.

B1. Where is my account?
Did you complete your registration? Did you log into the members area with your user name and password? Did you complete the payment process? Did you log into your account after the payment process? Did you get a confirmation after you completed the payment process?

The only reason people do not get their account immediately is
1) Because their registration process failed, and they just need to register again (note: if it says username or email address already in use you might need to re-register with a new user and a different email address)

2) Or if you paid, the payment processor for some reason failed to send the instant data to our system, in which case just follow instructions as explained above.

3) Or if your user name and password already went successfully through the registration you should login in the members area and finish payment. You will get their confirmation then.

B.2. I can't login with my existing password.
If your registration was successful it must mean that you are entering your password wrong, may be using caps where there were not and/or entering too many characters (only 12 characters in the password). If you are a paid member check in your confirmation email, copy and paste your password.

B.3. I want to change my user name.
Sorry, if you have paid already, no can do! It could mess up the Structure, once you chose your url you are present like that in the system, that's why, before joining, you must decide to chose your username carefully!

You can change or edit your password or email address in the members area though (profile link)

If you haven't paid yet you can just open a new account and use your new username and a different email address. We'll delete the old one once you come in under a new paid account.

B.4. Can I change my password and/or email?
You can do so in your members' area under Profile.

C- Sponsor and downlines

C.1. I made a mistake and joined/paid under the wrong person, can you switch me?
The main challenge is that people join so fast that in the process of changing the data the new comers might lose their desired position into which they correctly entered. In addition, the commissions could have already been paid to the members in that group. So because of this we won't allow these changes. 

C.2. Why is my recruit not showing under me? or Why am I under a different sponsor?
1. If you or your sponsor have already ten people the new member will spill over wherever there is an opening in the line.

2. OR If  he/she joined using  MyMoneyFish.com without your url. If your new member went there before with your url and didn't go a second time then he/she might have the cookies in his/her computer disabled and/or he/she simply wanted to join directly under MyMoneyFish.com.

3. If your url was broken (maybe it is too long and got cut off or typed it incorrectly) eg. mymoneyfish.com /?username
at the time you advertised, it will go to the next available open position in the system.  For this reason, when advertising, it is best to mask your MyMoneyFish with a tiny url or a new name from Go Daddy.

C.3. Why did my prospect end up under System?
In addition to what is explained in the previous question...

Did you know that the system goes through three different process of verification in order to make sure the new comers are under the correct sponsor?

First it reads the code after the prospect goes through their url, it puts a code in the url that is linked to the sponsor and then it sets as a session cookie, if there was no code on it, it checks to see if there was already a session cookie, if there was already a session cookie then it will keep that cookie (because that should be the sponsor's cookie) and if there is no session cookie it looks for a cookie from previous visit and then it applies that as a session cookie if the other criteria were not met.

Finally, if something happened, like the prospects' browser rejects the cookie (because the system uses the cookies to track the person and to make sure they are under the right sponsor) then it puts them under System so we will know that they need to be placed correctly so it won't affect somebody's downline (it is a lot easier to move somebody from under System than from somebody in the program that they thought they had received a new member)

C.4. What happens when someone joins directly under MyMoneyFish.com site, no sponsor?
If there is no url attached, the system just looks for empty spaces to fill. That person will land somewhere in the Structure, not necessarily under the person that invited them because he/she didn't use their url to join. Or if they didn't have an inviter the system will randomly assign them a sponsor.

C.5. Why do I have so many people that tell me they have joined but they show pending in my account?
Mostly it is because although they did register they did not complete the payment process yet. Or they might want to do it later or simply they might be lying.

Again, if they have a user name and password already they should login in the members area and finish payment. They will get their confirmation in an instant.

C.6. I have a friend that is a big recruiter but he does not want to signup under me but directly under the main site, what can I tell him to keep him from doing so?
Tell him that if he chooses to sign under the main site the system will put him in the next empty space, wherever that is, but when he joins under you not only will he know where he'll be, but he will also know that he will land in a good position since you are in a high enough position already.


D- Payouts

D.1. How are my commissions paid?
Via your own Payza or SolidTrust Pay account. They are both free. You place a request for withdrawal of funds in your MyMoneyFish site and upon verification, the request is sent to the Payment Processor (where you want your earnings to be sent) and in turn you'll have the option of credit card, check or bank transfer of monies.

D.2. Do I need to pay more than $97 to earn up to $222,220?
Your ONE TIME entry of $97 gets you payouts of $20 each,
every time a New Member falls in your group. You only get to pay ONE time for your initial entry, and you can stay that way if you want. You won't be charged again. Ever!

You receive our remarkable products and the opportunity of collecting the initial commissions of $20 for each new incoming member in your group, every time, even if you didn't bring them yourself personally. And you can indeed receive up to $222,220 for this ONLY ONE TIME entry fee.

And if you think about it, ONLY $97 ONE TIME is a ridiculous small amount of money, when your overheads are totally covered after having only five in your first line (no matter how they landed under you) and you qualify to receive a total of $600 to $1,000 initially. And from then you'll have the opportunity to skyrocket your earnings to an astonishing potential income of up to $222,200!

D.3. How do I get to also receive recurring/residual monthly payouts? (Optional Residual Elite Earners membership club opportunity)
Coming Up February 2017: The subscription mode, to incur in monthly payouts, will be TOTALLY optional.

With the optional  monthly subscription you have the opportunity to also get to cash-in, each and every month, form your existing members in your group, and every new member that chooses to participate in this optional Residual Elite Earners membership club opportunity.

NOTE: This upcoming subscription mode has not been established yet with the Payment Processing Companies, and it will be a totally separate system, so you will NEVER be charged again if you choose not to join the upcoming Residual subscription system once it's set. And even after it is established, it can only charge those members that have deliberately requested to be included as part of this optional Residual Elite Earners membership club. In addition, the subscription payment structure will be a separate structure in order to avoid "made up" issues of certain card holders stating that they have been charged again. It simply cannot and won't happen. If you choose to be a ONE time ONLY fee member and not a Residual Elite Earner, you won't be charged again.

Interested Members will be notified when this option is set up. At that time they'll be asked to activate their subscription by signing up for it.  If they want to continue receiving that amount of money (and growing) every month by becoming a permanent member (for the same entry fee amount a month) they will get a new phenomenal software AND extra commissions on automatic, every month, from other subscribers in their group.

D.4. If I choose to also be part of the (optional) Residual Elite Earners membership Club, in order to receive residual income on automatic, but once in I cannot pay for a month, what will happen?
If you choose the subscription option and the payment does not go through that month your subscription membership will be suspended till farther notice from you. You will continue receiving remuneration for your NEW incoming members in your group, BUT you won't receive any remuneration (residual income) for existing subscribing members during that time until you have renewed your membership. Remuneration will continue on (residual income) for the month you get re-instated.

Keep in mind that as soon as you have only five people directly under you, no matter who referred them: the company, you or  your upline, your overheads are totally covered. Basically only 5 and you get your initial ONE time fee back!

D.5. If I choose to get into the optional monthly subscription (when it's offered in February)  Can I pay my monthly fee out of the earnings sitting in my balance?
No. The Payment Processing Company have not that set into their system. Monthly fee will be taken by the Payment Processing Company from your credit card, once you choose and approve of the subscription option. Again, this is an option. If you choose to be a ONE time member your card won't be charged again, as explained above, unless you choose the upcoming monthly subscription option and you approve to this.

Optional Subscription can be canceled at any time.

D.6. When can I start collecting my earnings from my account?
* You can cash in your first payout, once you have qualified (5 directly under you). You qualify to start receiving your payouts (daily) for levels 1 and 2 after you have five in your first line, no matter how they landed there (invited by the company, by you or by your upline or as an overflow entry)

Keep in mind that as soon as you have only five people directly under you, no matter who referred them: the company, you or  your upline, your overheads are totally covered. Basically only 5, and you get your initial ONE time fee back! Plus you qualify to receive a total of $600 to $1,000!

* In addition, you qualify to start receiving your payouts for levels 1 thru 4 after you have ten in your first line, no matter how they landed there (invited by the company, by you or by your upline or as an overflow entry)

Also, if you choose to get in the upcoming optional subscription your residual commissions will arrive around the same day you chose to upgrade to subscriber, every month.

D.6. What are escrow payouts?
Escrow, in layman's terms, is simply your funds held  -in this case by the system- until it receives the appropriate instructions of release once predetermined membership obligations have been fulfilled.

You get in, you qualify to receive payouts from level 1 and 2 because you have 5 in your first line.

BUT your account shows that new members are also coming in under your level 3 and 4 (because of overflow, members in your lines inviting others, etc.) yet you cannot cash-out on those people's paid entries in line 3 and 4 UNTIL you also qualify to collect for those levels. Meaning that, once you have your other five in your first line (for a total of 10) you will indeed be able to automatically and immediately cash-in, BUT NOT before. Earnings showing in your account from levels 3 and 4 will then be held as escrow until you have succeeded at having a total of ten on your first level (in your case it would be just 5 more, since -in this example- you have already qualified with your first 5 to collect from level 1 and 2)

E- Site and Structure

E.1. Why is this the quickest and most efficient way for anyone to make up to $222,220?
It might be a long time since you've made $222,220. Or may be you have never made $222,220!.

This is all now very possible for you through this proven, and insanely profitable, MyMoneyFish Money Maker System.

The idea has been around since we first ditched the barter system for a monetary system of coinage. Creating a simple yet proven successful system of growing money by rewarding people handsomely for bringing others into the system, and using leverage to build volume and profit. Our Wealth Generating Structure is one of the many tested variations through out the ages of using very little money to effectively create a lot more!

MyMoneyFish is a cleverly designed initial 5x2 and then 10x4 Wealth Generating Structure.  It is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any member can have placed directly under them in level one. For example, with our Structure width of 10, a member can have a maximum number of 10 referrals for their level one. Any more referrals will automatically be placed below one of the initial 10 members on the first line, forcing the Structure to fill up faster.

It is a pretty simple structure. The ONE TIME ONLY $97 to join makes it accessible for most people who see the amazing opportunity of multiplying this small ONE TIME fee over 2,000 times over!. Your overheads are totally paid (after only 5 under you) because it generates a 80% commission paid from their joining fee.

Our 10x4 Wealth Generating Structure   means that those first 10 people that are placed under you (either by your own efforts, the company, your upline or as overflow entries) are on your first level. As soon as those start inviting people to their site and/or freely get people under them because of the overflow effect and so on... it will continue growing exponentially as a baby sapling growing roots into the ground that extends farther and wider than you can imagine.

The logical addition of this is that this doubling effect could happen in a short time and it will quickly have hundreds or thousands of people involved.

You will also have the option of registering into the non-mandatory Residual Elite Earners membership club opportunity whenever you want. For example, if you have qualified to receive in all four levels (by having 10 in your first level) and wish to   join the Residual Elite Earners membership club opportunity, you will, from that moment on, earn repeated monthly $20 commissions from the very same members (Residual Elite Earners under you) each month.

E.2. What happens once all my Structure is filled
Your MyMoneyFish
Structure is capped at $222,220, what this means is that when your Structure fills out to only 4 levels you would have received a total of $222,220 in earnings.

Once your structure is completed MyMoneyFish will then expand the amount of people you can receive in level one and thus allowing you to work another Structure and you will be able to continue this process many times.

And do keep in mind that you will also have the additional option of registering into the non-mandatory Residual Elite Earners membership club opportunity whenever you want. For example, if you have qualified to receive in all four levels (by having 10 in your first level) and wish to join the Residual Elite Earners membership club opportunity, you will, from that moment on, earn repeated monthly $20 commissions from the very same members (Residual Elite Earners under you) each month. You can read more about this under the Payouts section here.

E.3. Why is this Wealth Generating structure of MyMoneyFish so beneficial for

Newbie members can see in our Wealth Generating system what a great advantage it is to get in and stay with the program, because they could earn commissions even if they don't recruit new members.

The reason our Wealth Generating  system, works better than any other money making system, is because it is not asking you (not mandatory) to personally recruit anyone before you can qualify to receive earnings. In other words it allows you to receive help from your upline's overflows or from the company and qualify you to receive automatic commissions payouts from each new paid member even if you did not personally recruit them. This creates a kind of solidarity of better performing members with newbies because they all benefit just from being in the Structure.

Our Wealth Generating system is the quickest and most efficient way to make loads of money in the amazing business opportunity field of Network-marketing. New comers, as well as those who are experienced, find out that our Wealth Generating system is the best, if not the only way, to grow and prosper rapidly (if you play your cards right). Making this a super enticing opportunity for someone struggling in these current economical times.

E.4. I already have 10 members directly under me, do I need to refer more?
The beauty of MyMoneyFish is that it is designed for the big marketer and for the little guy as well,  or may be that one that has never succeeded in making money online or perhaps that never even tried.

Your only requirement to guarantee a fabulous income for yourself is to make sure that you have 5 or 10 people signed under you, whether you bring them yourself by your own efforts or whether they landed there because of your upline's activity, or by the company's. This is a ONE time only work which is very attractive for those busy or lazy people who are content with locking-in their income and let it grow larger at its own pace.

Yet, the smart marketer understands that he/she and his/her people will make money faster by referring people to his/her site often. The more referrals you have, the quicker your Structure will grow, and this will benefit everyone, you and the other people in your line. In other words, if you receive an 11th new member from your "MyMoneyFish" website, this member will then be transferred to your downline. This will ensure that your Structure continues to spread and have the ability to reach your maximum earning potential sooner. This is why the downlines on MyMoneyFish can fill up quickly for everyone, which means you can make it to your promised money much faster.

One can clearly understand why with a Wealth Generating  opportunity like MyMoneyFish you can see people promoting their site like crazy, because not only they want to expedite the filling up of their own Structure but at the same time help their downline and thus make a fabulous monthly income almost overnight. Our MMF is truly a people helping people magical money making system! 

E.5. How can I guarantee a quick $600 to $1,000 and an ever growing income of up to $222,220?
1) You qualify to collect from levels 1 and 2 for a quick total of $600 to $1,000 with only 5 people directly under you,
whether you personally invited them or not, or they landed under you because your upline's activity, the overflow entries  and/or the company place them there.

Keep in mind that as soon as you have only five people directly under you, no matter who referred them: the company, you or  your upline, your overheads are totally covered. Basically only 5, and you get your initial ONE time fee back! Plus you qualify to receive a total of $600 to $1,000!

2) You qualify to collect from levels 3 and 4 for a total of $222,200 with 10 people directly under you
(these include the first 5 as explained above) again, these new members can be personally invited by you, or they landed under you because your upline's activity, the overflow entries and/or the company placed them there.

That's it! You don't have to do anything else, if you don't want to, in order to generate yourself a wonderful passive automated income.

It pays you $20 instantly for each new incoming all the way to the fourth level, whether you personally invited them or not, or they landed under you because your upline's activity, the overflow entries  and/or the company place them there. To put the earning potential into a simple perspective, take a look at this:

X $20.00
You Make $200
X $20.00
You Make $2,000
X $20.00
You Make $20,000
X $20.00
You Make $200,000
You Make up to $222,200

If you really want to feel the freedom of debt-free living, if you really want to outsmart this challenging economy, if you really want to fill your pockets with passive almost effortless money then go for the fastest, easiest way to that fast assured income: 5 or 10 members in your first line will start you on your huge earnings right away... You'll make a massive income. Everyone in your group will make massive incomes. You all will live better. You'll be happier and you'll make people happier... and what could be more wonderful than that?!

E.6.  What do you consider your direct sales?
The ones you refer yourself personally through your own site. But again, in this system YOU DO NOT have to make any personal sales yourself in order to qualify to cash in. Meaning, that as long as you have 5 or 10 directly under you, no matter how they landed there, you qualify.

E.7.What are the 'overflow entries"?
They are New members placed under you by the MMF system as a result of your upline's or the company's promo activity. The system will automatically spill new members from your upline's activity into your downline. NOTE: Some levels can be filled faster than others depending on the kind of people that sign up under you and/or under your upline.

Also, and for example, those overflows under lower levels might have come from someone in your first level, who is promoting the program.

F- SPECIAL Offers:

If I don't make it among the first 100 will I still get 5 placed under me by the company?
Sorry but NO! This is a one time offer during this Pre-Launch Period. Once those positions are filled, which can happen very, very quickly, we'll remove that offer. There will be, in January, a paid service installed that will get you 5 or 10 directly under you (it won't be free anymore though!)

The same goes for the automated instant $20 in your bank account, you need to take advantage of this offer now and become one of the privileged 100 today and receive your 5 under you, and instant $20 in your account as well.

G- General

G.1. How do I know that the site I get is my site?
The site is cloaked for your protection. You can scroll down all the way to the bottom of your home page and see your username there. Last but not least your user name shows in the payment page right before your prospect is about to make payment in order to verify your sponsorship.

G.2. MyMoneyFish site does not open in my country

We've included below instructions on how to perform a ping and tracer test. These tests help us determine several things such as whether or not you are reaching the correct server and the source of any latency you may be seeing. Please perform both of these tests and provide those results in an email to us.
1) If you are using a Windows-based computer, Click on your Start Menu -> click Run -> type cmd -> click ok.

If you are using a Mac-based computer, Open Terminal.app inside the Utilities folder in your Applications.

2) In the new window type "ping
MyMoneyFish.com" without the quotes and hit enter (if this does not stop automatically hit ctrl+C after a few seconds).

3) In the same Window type "tracert
MyMoneyFish.com" ("traceroute MyMoneyFish.com" on a Mac) without the quotes and hit enter.

4) Copy the information so that you can email it to us along with your IP address: You can find your IP address here <www.whatismyipaddress.com>
-For Windows users, this is done by right clicking in the results window and choosing "select all". After everything is highlighted, hit enter and this will copy the highlighted information.
-For Mac users, hit Command+A (Apple+A) and then Command+C (Apple+C) to select and copy the contents of the terminal.

G.3. I am advertising in safelists, why am I not getting sign ups?
It seems that your chosen venue of promotion or advertising is to blame since, unlike you, so many other members are having excellent results.

Safelists are not reliable since most people that get into that are just trying to promote their own program and on top of that they use disposable email addresses so many don't even bother looking at the emails they get into that disposable box .
There are many other advertising ways online that can bring you better results and better quality of people (not just looky- loos)

G.4. How much money can I make?
The amount of money you can make from MyMoneyFish is endless. You can start, for example, by making a quick $600 to $1,000 or $2,000+. Then continue growing up to $222,220....

But it doesn't have to stop there! Once your Structure is filled ($222,220) your first level will be expanded to receive more people, meaning you'll then have the opportunity of generating that much more, again, and again, in addition to your previously generated income.

And remember that you will also have the (non-mandatory) choice to establish for yourself that kind of money each and every month, on automatic!.

G.5. What are the terms of the money back guarantee?
The terms of the guarantee are very simple: With 60 days of you giving this phenomenal Wealth Generating opportunity an honest try and yet, for some strange reason you have made any money yet... and if you do not feel that MyMoneyFish is the smartest and most effective money making opportunity out there, then let us know and we'll return your initial $97 payment, minus whatever processing fee was charged by the payment  processing company. (even the present waved processing fee of the payment company charged to the company during the pre-launch offer).

G.6. Do I need experience, education or good credit- will it work for everyone?
This program will work for anyone and everyone, always!

The only thing you need is $97 to take advantage of this and join right now, then have the willingness to follow our simple trouble-free strategy of sending people to your personal MyMoneyFish site and making sure you get 5 or 10 people under you, no matter how they landed there, either personally invited by you, or from your upline's activity, or from the overflow entries and/or the company placed them there. This simple action is the key to your assured success.

G.7. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file that stays on your computer's hard disk. It is put there by the website you visit, using your browser. It is a cookie that enables the website to remember its visitors. MyMoneyFish will set an affiliate cookie whenever a visitor arrives at the site for the first time. If there is referring affiliate (i.e. no ID in the URL), then the affiliate cookie is set, so that the owner of that site gets the benefit of the fact that his or her promotion of the site made the visit happen. In other words, the main benefit of a cookie in your MyMoneyFish website is that whenever someone goes to a MyMoneyFish site, after they have gone to yours initially, it will always take them back to YOUR MyMoneyFish website... this is very good for you because that means even if that visitor decides to join months later he will be re-directed to YOUR site and end up joining under you in your Structure.

G.8. Can cookies transmit viruses?
No! In fact they are pretty harmless. They are just text files or text strings.

G.9. Can a company read my personal information from my hard disk with a cookie?
No! Only the cookie that is sent in the first place is returned to the server. It is not modified or manipulated in any way.

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