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Friday, November 16, 2018

Why you must get these
Guaranteed Paid Sign-Ups
TODAY?! (This is an Additional very helpful service, yet not mandatory)

1) Because as a new paid Member who also orders your position in this amazing GPS (Guaranteed Paid Signups) opportunity  today you will be locked in on this very low price of only $29.99, no matter how high this service will get or  when you order again after this initial order.

2) Because you won't have to put much or any effort of your own into making $200, $2,000 or even $20,000 payouts quickly.

3) Because (if you are inactive/passive) you do not have to wait for spill over to happen in order to get new members in your group/under you.

While spill over does happen (people landing under you from your up-line's efforts -these are counted as if they were your own recruits as far as commission payouts are concerned-) it could happen slow or fast, depending where you landed in the main matrix. Spill comes from different parts of your up-line, but know if your group matrix is too wide (too big) spill goes from left to right and it might take a little longer to get to you, again depending where you are in it.

4) Because you will be able to start seeing faster increments to your payouts/earnings as others in your group/down-line come into the new Guarantee Paid Sign-ups Advertising System also, and in a short time you could  start seeing $200, $2,000 or $20,000+ in your account.

5) Because when they are gone, they are gone! Each month only a small amount of members will be let in into this Advertising System. Once it sells out you will have to wait till the next opened position which is usually up to two months up the line

Once positions are gone you'll have to pay more if you want in later, PLUS you will need to wait up to two months to get in!

NOW accepting Pre-Orders:

NOTE: We will position you NOW before it sells out, which it can happen quickly.

What are your other options?
1. Of course you could do your own promo of your site (see our free tools in your members backroom area, for paid/upgraded members only).

2. Or wait on spillover.

3. And/or test and try such-and-such cheap online service that may or may not guarantee you sign ups....

4. Or pay a much bigger amount of money to marketing companies to do your promo for you.

5. Listen, unless you already have a built in down-line that follows you into whatever program you get in, it can be very challenging for the average Joe to generate many sign-ups for ANY online program in a short time.

* Because there are so many distractions online (not to mention the offline distractions) that the big results that were so easily attainable ten years ago, require quite bit more effort in order to obtain similar results nowadays.

* On the same token, there are so many "services" like traffic, solo ads, etc. that ten years ago would yield good results, now they barely work or yield no results at all, for ANY program, offer or opportunity.

Our aggressive Guaranteed Paid Sign-up Advertising System will prove to each one, who has the fortune to get in, a wonderful instrument of success. So much so, that you would not want to depart from it... and why would anyone depart from it? If it guarantees you an ever increasing income with basically no effort on your part! 

Our eager ardent desire is for you to generate a handsome regular income from home through our program, services and products.

On this basis, we're NOW accepting new positions in this Upcoming Guaranteed Paid Sign-ups Advertising System.


In order for us to take the leads generated from our advertising for you, contact them repeatedly via their personal inbox AND implement our NEW aggressive, and secret marketing System that will guarantee those Paid Sign-ups we will only take a small number of participants each month into this amazingAdvertising System (once the positions are sold out they won't open up till the following month or even later. First come first served!)

REMEMBER: Only a small amount of entries are available. Sorry if you do not get to enter soon enough and miss out on it. Please do not write to us to let you in after it has been sold out. We simply can't let you in then. Why? Because we only need a small amount of members in it in order to fulfill our Guaranteed Paid Sign-Ups.

Here it is in a Nut Shell:

* You will get paid sign ups under you= $$$$$ with little or no effort of your part.
* As the system gets you people under you, you will be able to increase your down-line exponentially when they too get into this self perpetuating deal. Your matrix/group will simply mushroom!

How do we do it?
(1) We send Ads about this Phenomenal Offer to millions of  double targeted prospects (per ad) that have answered one of our make money online ads, via our fully safe bullet proof spam-free system!

This ad is professionally created and written to pull REAL visitors to your own website. You get Real CONTACTS, REAL visitors, REAL registrations!

This is NOT some Push-button cookie cutter fake traffic Service. No bots here!

We'll include you name and your username into one of our Guaranteed Paid Sing-Up Advertising Campaign. These ads are designed to be concise and enticing to get your prospects interest, and keep them wanting for more!
(2) We send your red hot prospects/registrations a series of persuasive promo emails to remind them and entice them to join you. These prospects are exclusive to you. (no one else gets to use them). (Powered by our dedicated servers!!)

Your group will automatically continue to grow and GROW and the automated multiplication from the forced matrix will help it fill up faster! No need to tell you your income potential $$$$!
(3) Every time someone answers one of these ads or promo, and your website opens up for them, you would most likely get a new member (if they are not in already)
(4) We'll follow up with your prospects for days, via our auto responder messages, to keep reminding them of your fantastic offer. The messages are professionally designed solely to get them to you. Once they decide to visit your site, they're hooked.
(5) We bring the registered customers back to your site over and over again, via these promo emails until they upgrade/pay for your offer.
(6) Our main goal is to get you to start making the GOOD MONEY, as soon as possible! So we'll put all our efforts to promote for you, and keep you in the

NOTE on the GUARANTEE: It means we will continue blasting and advertising for you.untill you get enought traffic, and registrations! Also please be aware that. it takes might take up to a month to collect enough fresh leads via online AND LAUNCH THE SYSTEM WITH ENOUGH fresh leads for  each member who uses this service. It works!!!
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